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The Singular Bathroom is at your disposal for free for your personal use and subject to these Terms.

All orders and purchases made on this site will also be governed by these terms and will be made between you and The Singular Bathroom. Registered trademark OFFICE OF MARKS AND PATENTS. MANAGED by Jorge Garcia Gonsalvez. Nif 52412917 b and Administrator of the company. Tisa Salamanca. C.B. with CIF: E 37554698. Located at Avenida de Peña de Francia 75, 37187 Aldeatejada, Salamanca, Spain. Europe.

TISA SALAMANCA C.B will comply with the current norms of Approval of the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.


All prices are shown in euros. WITH CURRENT TAXES INCLUDED. The prices of the requested items are clearly stated on this website. The prices of the expenses that are added to greater than the price of the item. They are in concept of: Management, handling by our staff, packaging, and shipping costs. THESE ARE VARIABLE IN FUNCTION OF THE PRODUCT, THE DESTINATION OF SHIPPING, WHERE THE PRODUCT IS STORED, IF SHIPPED FROM FACTORY, FROM THE STORE OF THE PROVIDER OR DISTRIBUTOR.

If the client wants to buy an item or pick up some article / s that he / she buys in our facilities. You must know, that you will NOT give any right to PAYMENT by the company The Singular Bathroom of the expenses of MANAGEMENT, HANDLING, PACKAGING OR SHIPPING COSTS. Even picking up the items in the store. Except if the article indicates in detail or gives option of COLLECTION IN STORE.



If for any reason beyond our reasonable control we can not supply a particular item, we will notify you as soon as possible. All the articles and materials are managed by specific order for each client. Regardless of having some stock in our facilities, of the most commercial materials. If there is a problem with your order in terms of availability of the merchandise or our delivery capacity, we will contact you by phone or email as soon as possible. The Singular Bathroom reserves the right to cancel the orders it deems appropriate for not being able to fulfill both the services offered and the guarantees and benefits agreed in these terms and if we consider that we can not verify the shipping and billing information. The affected customers will be informed.


(According to Law.) 14 days of withdrawal from the delivery of the goods. The client may exercise his right in writing, informing with order number, invoice or personal information to info@thesingularbathroom.com and / or in the tlf free number: 923 266 356. We will understand your request and advise to solve any doubt or procedure.

Before making the return of any item or material, the customer must notify in writing and contact our sales department within the deadline indicated by e-mail info@thesingularbathroom.com or CONTACT. In the lower part of the main page.


 For the spare parts sections and rubber sections. If we take over the return of the product by mistake. As long as the client has sent us the sample, accompanying a written request for a quote with all the data of both the piece (requested measures, dimensions and materials to be manufactured) and the client. These sections are manufactured, assembled, adapted or cut for each customer. These sections are waived 24 hours after the order is placed. Product that, by mistake, does not respond to the order. The Singular Bathroom will bear the cost of collecting the wrong product and delivery of the corresponding to the order placed.

* ORDERS Will be considered as firm once the payment has been made. The Singular Bathroom will then send the corresponding proof of purchase via e-mail. All materials are ordered or manufactured exclusively for each customer.

* ORDERS OUTSIDE EUROPE. --- The Singular Bathroom informs you to send merchandise to all countries OUTSIDE the European Union. (Europe) Management procedures will be charged for merchandise of between 0.01 gram and up to 1 kg. € 11.95. From 1 Kg. We will inform the client by e-mail of the price before sending the merchandise. This may cancel the order if it is unsettled.


Regarding photographs and images. We do not reserve any right to be ceded by our suppliers or made by our team. We recommend to all our clients that they do not hesitate to send an e-mail in case of doubts. By quality of the same or by presentation of the products. Accessories, faucet, shower trays, bearings and all the articles of this website are taken from photos of factories or general catalogs. Thus. In each product. What is offered, is what is written and subject to this that is reflected in the proposal or request of the client. Example: Front shower screen of a slide and a fixed leaf. (in the photo you can see the tap, the plate etc.) What is for sale and we offer is what is described and details. And it is what will be given in writing to the client. We clarify The client does not have the right to receive the entire photograph. If not, what is reflected in writing.

* SENDING OF SAMPLES AND / OR CUSTOMER ORDERS. The shipping of these is. On behalf of The Singular Bathroom for free, as long as it is sent with a firm order made by the client. If not. The client must assume the expenses corresponding to the return of the sample provided by the client. The minimum price is € 9.95. Subject to shipping conditions by the transport company.

* INTERNATIONAL USE. The Singular Bathroom does not guarantee that the materials of this Site are appropriate or available for use in places outside of Spain, and access to this Site from territories where their contents are illegal or illegal is prohibited. If you choose to access this site from territories outside of Spain, you do so on your own initiative and you are responsible for compliance with local legislation.


THE SALE IS REALIZED IN THE TERRITORY OF SPAIN. THEREFORE, IT IS TRIBUTE INTEGRALLY IN SPAIN. The prices of are fixed with the TAXES IN FORCE INCLUDED. Depending on the article quantity, article and price. If the client does not provide fiscal data. (DNI, NIF OR CIF) We can not make an invoice and we will understand that it does not request it. Even so. The Singular Bathroom and / or Tisa Salamanca C.B. They will issue a cash RECEIPT, to be paid together with the customer's payment receipt. If the client has not filled out the complete billing information and then wants to invoice. A to request the WRITTEN invoice with the order number or proof of payment providing all tax data.


Online. We accept Cards, bank transfer.

VISA or MASTERCARD credit card
We guarantee that each of the transactions made in THE SINGULAR BATHROOM is 100% secure. All operations that involve the transmission of personal or banking data are carried out using a secure environment. THE SINGULAR BATHROOM uses a server based on standard security technology SSL (Secure Socked Layer). All the information that you transmit to us travels encrypted through the network. (If you want to know more, visit our Secure Payment section).
Likewise, the data on your credit card are not registered in any database but go directly to the Bank's POS (Point of Sale Terminal).
Furthermore, we inform you that in an effort to provide greater security to credit card owners, we have incorporated into our payment gateway the secure payment system called CES (Secure Electronic Commerce). In this way, if you are the holder of a "secured" card, you can always make payments with a VISA or MASTERCARD in our store.
In the event that your card is not attached to this payment system, THE SINGULAR BATHROOM will only accept payment with a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card to clients with previously demonstrated seniority and reliability.
In both cases, when paying with a VISA or MASTERCARD the following information will always be requested: the card number, the expiration date, and a Validation Code that matches the last 3 digits of the number printed in italics on the back of your VISA or MASTERCARD card, thus offering more guarantees regarding the security of the transaction.
Important: Credit card fraud is a crime, and THE SINGULAR BATHROOM will take legal action against anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our online store.


It is a space where the articles and materials that we commercialize come from











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